Buyers & Sellers…GET REAL!!

(picture provided by

There’s no doubt about it, home & garden shows are AWESOME.
Where else can you learn to turn that nasty, dried-up,
old tire into a beautiful planter?!
Your coffee filters into cleaning machines?!
A yucky bucket into a rain-water collector galore?!

(graphic provided by




That being said, I am seeing a downside.
What could be the “downside” of something so fun & wonderful?! 




Many Buyers walk into a home wanting “picture perfect”.  They want the perfect landscaping, the perfect colors, the perfect flooring, the perfect counter tops, blah, blah, blah…  While nothing is wrong with that on a new or nearly new home, it may be unrealistic on a 60 year old home.

My two cents to Buyers…
There’s no easy way to say this:  Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for the perfect home, or roll up your sleeves and make it YOUR perfect house!!


Surely you read the above.  If not, read it.  Buyers are expecting perfection these days.  If they don’t get it, then they may walk away from your beloved home.  While you love your home, have wonderful memories in your home, and picked out the designer colors yourself, it may not be what a Buyer is looking for.

My two cents to Sellers…
To put it bluntly, be prepared to take less than you want for your beloved home, or put in a little “elbow grease” to make it spick & span for a Buyer!!

As always, call, text or e-mail me for your real estate needs. 

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