Manic Monday ~ Oktibbeha County Getting New Addresses


If you live in Oktibbeha County (NOT the city of Starkville), welcome to insanity.  The address you’ve had for years??  It’s not staying.  The county is issuing new addresses for 911 emergency responder purposes.

While it will be a huge hassle (change of address forms, new checks, Christmas card mailouts, etc.), the end result is worth it.  Have you ever driven around the “country roads” in this county?  Watch the mailboxes next time.  Chapel Hill Road and Maben-Sturgis Road are two of the WORST ones to try and find a home on (backwards house numbers!!).

What will your new address be??  Simple.  Go to, look under “Quick Tools” on the left side of the screen, click on “Look Up A ZIP Code” and enter in your current address.  A pop-up screen will come up showing you what your new address will be.

2136 Highway 182 East is now 17351 MS HWY 182
(Not even CLOSE to the old address…but whatever works!! 🙂 )

Sooo….welcome to Manic Monday!!  😀


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