Manic Monday ~ Hectic Living


This is a 100% personal post today, nothing real estate related…

Last night, my husband went to bed frustrated.  Of course I was agitated by his quick departure, so I followed along asking what was wrong.  Well…what I heard was pretty shocking, sad & somewhat painful.  His response??  “Family life exhausts me…”.

My first though?  Well…let’s just say I can’t post that here 🙂  .  Luckily, I didn’t respond with words to hubby.  I just sat there…pondering on what he had said, and wondering why he would feel that way.

After a night of tossing & turning, waking up early because I couldn’t sleep, laying in bed sulking, putting on my sweats vs my skirt, & watching an hour of mindless TV…it hit me.  He’s right!  Life, especially family life, **IS** exhausting!!  (BTW, please don’t ever mention to him that I said he was right – it would ruin my “one-up” on him 🙂

As I ran a quick overview of our ONLY day off…here is what went on:
**Wake up early to get ourselves & 5 kids ready for church
**Drive 30 minutes to the bagel shop for breakfast w/my parents (attempting to keep 5 kids in their seats during a long wait was not fun)
**Hubby & I split up:
He took 4 kids to church for his shift @ parking lot duty (kids can’t go to class
yet because it’s too early, so he gets to keep an eye on them — FROM the
parking lot)
I took the youngest to drop my parents off at their RV on campus (they came
up for the MSU vs South Carolina game); then headed to church
**Worship time & a great sermon
**Hubby & I split up:
He took the two oldest boys & went to pick up a trailer & mulch: then headed
to run errands in town – too tired for lunch when they got home (1.5 hours
I took the two girls and youngest boy for quick errands; then headed home for
**I went to friend’s house warming party (late) & hubby unloaded mulch & did outdoor work
**I went to store for cleaning supplies, and hubby took power nap
**The kids and I started cleaning the ENTIRE house (dust, sweep, pick-up, etc.) while hubby continued w/his power nap
**I started the corn casserole, asked hubby to pick-up our bedroom & sent kids outside to release some of their energy
**Family supper – kid’s choice once a week (YUM!!)
**Hubby & I picked up table & dishes, kids started on homework & TV time
**Hubby & I attempted quiet TV time, but it didn’t work; work came into the picture, stopping squabbles between the kids, getting them ready for showers & bed (NIGHTMARE!!) and FINALLY tucking them in
**Hubby surrendered and went to bed

Wow…  All of that happened on a day that we had “nothing planned”.  I’ve done time blocking, chore lists, cooking once a week for the entire week, schedules, NOT time blocking, become frustrated-angry-exhausted-back to angry-surrendered…

I want my hubby to find our home as a place of peacefulness…not stress.

Any real life tips out there????  PLEASE send them my way…  Along with prayers!!  🙂


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