Technology Overload??



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Do you start your day by…

Turning your alarm off (that’s on your smartphone…of course)?

Checking emails, texts, facebook, twitter, foursquare, etc…

BEFORE you get out of bed?

IN the bathroom?

WHILE getting dressed?

WHILE waking the kiddos up?

WHILE eating breakfast?

WHILE starting your car?

You get the point.  Is this you??

If it is, GET A GRIP (on something other than your smartphone)!!  You are missing out on so much in life, by constantly being online in life.  Son’s first goal?  MISSED.  Daughter’s solo?  MISSED.  Evil eyes from your spouse??  OK…we got that one J

I finally realized how bad I was while I was “vegging out” in front of the TV …WITH my laptop and iPhone in each hand.  Gone are the days I could mindlessly glare at the TV, with no other cares in the world.  I was too busy ignoring my spouse, kiddos, pets…even the TV!!  I was busy checking emails, texts, facebook, twitter, foursquare, etc…

As REALTORS®, we are supposed to be on call 24/7…in the know…on top of everything…  I don’t know about you, but all I am is WIRED.  I’m constantly checking on the “world” in my hand, that I can’t give my full attention to the person in front of me!!

What are we supposed to do…

Give up our smartphones??


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Then we would miss…

The buyer calling to make an offer

The home inspector saying he has an emergency

The seller who is going to be late for closing

So give them up??  No!!  I don’t think it’s possible for a REALTOR® to operate without their smartphone or tablet.  I know I can’t.  So again, what are we supposed to do??

After days of searching, google-ing, and snail-mailing the monks J, here are a few tidbits I ran across:

  • TAKE A DAY OFF EACH WEEK – this means no work calls, texts, emails, showings, appointments, etc.  If you can’t do the full 24 hours, then give it from the moment you wake up, to 8:00 PM.
  • TIME BLOCK – set blocks of time that you will return phone calls, emails, texts, etc.  During the rest of the time – be in the moment!!  If you are blogging, blog.  Eating, eat.  Working, work.
  • WAITbefore you log in to technology, get your day set up.  Go through your to-do’s, finish the file you left yesterday, prepare for your appointments, etc. THEN log in to your email, facebook, twitter…  How many times have you sat down to start a project, checked your email for five seconds, then been off on a tangent to forward the email, reply to it’s sender, call the mortgage officer, and on, and on, and on…
  • DELEGATEquit wasting your income producing time on things others can do for you.  Are you seriously going to tell me you can’t let someone else lick your envelopes, update pictures online, set appointments, etc.??  I know you’re a control freak, but come on!!

All of these are out of my comfort zone, but something has got to give.  If you have any other tips, please post away!!

~Stephanie Atkins-Arnett, Starkville Home Team, Coldwell Banker S.R.E. Realtors


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