Holiday Decor for Sellers

 Holiday Decor for Sellers

Your sellers have decked out their yard with Santa, his reindeer and an inflatable snowman that towers over the roofline. You don’t want to be a Scrooge, but should you ask your sellers to tone it down? Or can a grand show of holiday spirit actually help make a sale?

Find out what some real estate and staging professionals have to say.

Keep it classy.
One man’s cute is another man’s tacky. Cute is a matter of taste, so advise clients to keep decorations simple and classy instead. Don’t overwhelm the interior or exterior of the home with clutter. To avoid over-decorating, tell your clients to display half of what they normally would and pack up the rest.

Add a pop of color.
Red and green are holiday classics that add warmth and energy to a room. Simple touches, like a red pillow, or poinsettias scattered throughout the house, make a festive statement. If your clients have a fireplace, suggest they add some greenery to the mantel. Remind clients to select holiday décor that won’t clash with their home’s color scheme.

Heighten the senses.
Give your clients some tips on how to incorporate the welcoming sights, sounds and smells of the season. A pot of boiling cider or spices, scented candles, fresh-baked cookies, cinnamon and pine all create a homey mood. Add holiday music and prospective buyers may see this as their future home!

A tasteful tree.
The tree shouldn’t dominate the room. If it’s over six feet tall, suggest that your clients remove some of their furniture to make the room look more spacious. For ornaments, clients might want to consider a single color palette and keep the highly personal ornaments near the back of the tree. To determine how many lights to use, give clients this tip: 100 lights for every foot of tree.

Create cheer at the curb.
Encourage your clients to make their home’s exterior appealing by hanging a wreath, adding candle lamps to windows, stringing lights in a sophisticated fashion, and adding luminaries along walkways. Beautiful holiday décor enhances a home’s appeal, especially at night. Tell clients this is the perfect time to photograph their home and add the photos to their listing information.

Holiday Decor for Sellers

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