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U.S. Lawns offers full service commercial landscape maintenance and a wide range of select services that can be customized to your budget and the needs of your property. We are not only concerned with what you can see today, but with the factors that control how your landscape will look in the future. Whatever the season, we are your local landscape management company and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss a program that suites you.
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A clear favorite among holiday plants, the poinsettia can make any property more festive. Native to Mexico, this plant represents over 85 percent of potted plant sales during the holiday season. The most popular version has red flowers with green leaves, but poinsettias are also widely available in white, pink, coral and various marbled versions. While the potted version is the most familiar to us, poinsettias are actually perennial flowering shrubs in their natural setting, and can grow up to 10 feet tall!
It’s important to avoid over watering poinsettias, since doing so can damage their roots. Watering should only be done when the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch, and excess water should be discarded once it has exited from drainage holes. If your poinsettias are wrapped in foil, it will be necessary to punch holes in the foil so that water can exit.
Poinsettias are short-day plants. This means they bloom about 10 weeks after the length of daylight shortens to 12 hours or less. To look their best, poinsettias need about six hours of indirect light daily, and they should be kept away from very warm or cold drafts. High temperatures can decrease the lifespan of poinsettias, and moving them to a cooler room at night is beneficial.
If you’d like to keep your poinsettias past the holiday season, they’ll need to be fed with a houseplant fertilizer once per month. However, fertilization should be avoided while the plants are still in bloom.
Cared for properly, poinsettias will make the perfect addition to your property’s holiday décor. Enjoy!


You may have plans in place for outdoor decorations this holiday season, but have you thought about the inside of your building? Beyond Christmas trees and poinsettias, there are plenty of ways to bring holiday cheer indoors.
For starters, consider pots of amaryllis, cyclamen or Christmas cactus. If you’re looking for something simple, pine cones in a decorative basket will do the trick. You might even create a beautiful, natural centerpiece using evergreen branches and pine cones with a few dried flowers or fresh fruits added. For a more pleasing look and smell, be sure to cut evergreen branches right before they’re needed.
Wreaths fashioned from vines, evergreen branches or pine cones always look great during the holidays. If you’d like to create your own ornaments, pine cones, berries, and pressed or dried flowers can be used in all sorts of combinations. Of course, gift wrapping and decorative candles can be made to look even more festive with the addition of pine cones or evergreen branches.
Finally, think about decorating the indoor plants you already have in place. You can wrap foil around some of your larger pots and finish them off with big red bows. Or, you can mass several plants together, then string twinkling lights among the branches.

When it comes to holiday decorating, the possibilities are endless.
All it takes is a little imagination!

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Our goal is to keep your entire property
 looking its best at all times.

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