Pest Alert: Lawn Insects To Watch For

Pest Alert: Lawn Insects To Watch For


There are all sorts of insect pests that feed on turf grasses. Left untreated, these pests can cause major damage to lawns through their feeding activity. In some cases, damage can be so extensive that costly repairs and renovations become necessary.

Some common lawn pests that can compromise the health and beauty of your property’s turf include the following:

  • Chinch bugs. These winged insects suck juices from grass blades while injecting toxins at the same time. Grey or black in color, they especially prefer St. Augustine and Zoysia lawns.
    • Cut worms. These moth larvae are 1 to 2 inches in length and feed on grass leaves and crowns.
    • Billbugs. Common in Bermuda grass and many other types of lawns, the larvae of these weevils feed on grass roots and crowns.
    • Leafhoppers. Similar in appearance to grasshoppers, these pests suck juices from grass blades. They tend to fly up in swarms when disturbed.
  • Grubs. These beetle larvae feed on grass roots. Since they stay underground, they tend to go unnoticed until damage appears above ground

Symptoms of infestation vary depending on the particular pest, but may include:

* Turf that feels spongy when walked on

* Irregular brown or yellow patches throughout the lawn

* Raccoons and other animals digging through the turf (looking for lawn insects to eat)

* Weakened plants with less shoot growth

* Chewed grass blades

The first line of defense against turf insects is to keep the lawn as healthy as possible with regular fertilization, proper mowing and consistent irrigation. If insects do appear, they can be controlled with carefully timed and applied insecticides.

Call U.S. Lawns. We are the experts!

You can count on U.S. Lawns to keep an eye out for signs of insect activity during our routine visits. However, we encourage you to give us a call if you notice any of the symptoms listed above. Quick action is critical to minimizing damage from lawn pests.

Pest Alert: Lawn Insects To Watch For

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