Stopping the Spread of Spring Fungus

Stopping the Spread of Spring Fungus


U.S. Lawns offers full service commercial landscape maintenance and a wide range of select services that can be customized to your budget and the needs of your property. We are not only concerned with what you can see today, but with the factors that control how your landscape will look in the future. Whatever the season, we are your local landscape management company and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss a program that suites you.U.S. Lawns


Beyond compromising the good looks of your turf, fungus diseases can be very destructive once they get established. The organisms that cause fungus diseases are present in all types of lawns, including Bermudagrass, Zoysia and Fescue lawns. These organisms thrive in the spring when cool, wet weather encourages them to reproduce and spread.

Symptoms vary depending on the type of disease, but some of the more common include:

* Circular patches of reddish-brown turf with a darker “smoke ring” around the edges (brown patch       disease)

* Small, silver-dollar-sized spots in turf that are brown or straw-colored (dollar spot disease)

* Slimy brown patches of turf with a white, cotton-like fungus around them (grease spot disease)

The best way to prevent fungus diseases from flaring up is to keep turf as healthy as possible with regular, professional maintenance from U.S. Lawns. This includes:

Irrigation Management – Fungus spores spread easily in water. By setting your irrigation system to water less often and more deeply, we can curtail the excess moisture that may help diseases to spread.

Regular Fertilization – Unhealthy growth spurts encourage disease development. We can avoid this with scheduled applications of fertilizer for steady, even growth throughout the season.

Mowing with Sharp Blades – Dull mower blades shred the tips of grass blades, leaving behind open wounds through which fungus spores can enter. U.S. Lawns always mows with sharp blades.

Aeration – Your turf’s thatch layer serves as a breeding ground for fungus spores, especially when it gets too thick. With aeration, we can help to break up the thatch layer while making it easier for air, water and fertilizer to reach your turf’s roots.

All of these practices will lead to a strong, well-fed and unstressed lawn that is much better able to fight off fungus disease attacks. If a fungus disease still manages to get established, prompt treatment with a fungicide will be necessary to improve your turf’s chances of recovery.

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Stopping the Spread of Spring Fungus

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