Fall Clean-Up & Winterization

Fall Clean-Up & Winterization
The growing season is winding down, but at U.S. Lawns, we’re not slowing down. This time of year, we’re preparing to clean up fall debris and prep our customers’ properties for the winter.
These tasks aren’t just for improved aesthetics – they keep the landscape healthy and safe.

Here are just a few of the items at the top of our list this season:

  • Debris removal, especially from planting beds and around shrubs, is essential. Pests can overwinter in these areas, and removing these unsightly piles gives a property a clean look going into winter.
  • Fall pruning should occur once trees have dropped their leaves and shrubs have gone dormant. Seasonal pruning promotes healthy growth and strong structure, and it will remove the danger of weakened limbs caused by summer storms.
  • Freshening mulch this time of year, where needed, will help insulate the soil to prevent root damage from cold temperatures.

Fall Clean-Up & Winterization

Irrigation Winterization:

Shutting off your irrigation system for the winter takes more than just flipping a switch.
Proper winterization means purging all water from the lines and tightly sealing the system, which will prevent damage caused by freezing.
Your irrigation system represents one of your property’s biggest financial investments. Be sure to protect it this year.
Our level of service doesn’t change with the seasons. Each month brings new opportunities for us to provide the most professional, responsive service of any commercial grounds care provider. Give us a call today to learn more.
Fall Clean-Up & Winterization

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