Cosmetics and Makeup Organization Challenge

This week’s challenge is to organize your cosmetics and makeup with these step by step instructions, plus a free printable makeup expiration cheat sheet.
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Your Mission: Cosmetics & Makeup Organization
{Week #46}

Cosmetics & Makeup Organization Challenge

This week’s challenge is cosmetics and makeup organization, to get yourself looking good without having to search for everything you need constantly.

Once you’ve completed this challenge the goal is that your morning and/or evening beauty routine will be shortened because you’ll have less clutter to deal with, and can spend more time applying your makeup and other beauty products, rather than searching for them.

Some concepts covered in this challenge were already mentioned briefly in the bathroom organization challenge, but that was a while ago, and so you can probably hear a refresher anyway.

Plus, this will be geared specifically to your beauty products, and not the whole bathroom in general.

This week we will deal with organizing personal care products of many varieties, including not only makeup, but also lotions, cleansers, toiletries, nail products, and makeup applicators.

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Shelf Life Of Makeup & Cosmetics: FREE Expiration Dates Cheat Sheet Printable

printable cheat sheet of shelf life of makeup and cosmeticsDid you know that makeup has expiration dates? The shelf life of makeup and cosmetics is not indefinite, so here’s how long you can keep the most common types of these items.

It can be difficult to remember all these various expiration dates and guidelines, so I’ve created a free printable cheat sheet for you that you can print out and place in your bathroom or in your makeup case and reference when you need it.

[Click here for your FREE Cosmetics Expiration Date Cheat Sheet]

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15 Vinyl Wall Decals {Featured Pin}

15 Vinyl Wall DecalsI love vinyl wall decals because they can add personality and fun to your home’s walls without the need to personally be artistic. They’re also inexpensive, easy to apply, and completely removable! Here are 15 wall decals you could add to the rooms in your home, including some cute ones for kids bedrooms, your own bedroom, kitchen, and living areas.

[Click here for the 15 Vinyl Wall Decals Pin]

15 Minute Decluttering Missions For Week

Remember to use the November declutter calendar to help you get this week’s Challenge accomplished, and to declutter your home in 15 minutes a day. This week’s 15 minute daily missions include:

The 52 Week Organized Home ChallengeHave a wonderful and productive week!

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