No Mr/Ms Seller, We Cannot Call You…

No Mr/Ms Seller, we cannot call you when the REALTOR is through
showing your home.
  • Yes, you pay me to sell your home
  • Yes, there are other agents that will do it
  • Yes, I understand this is an inconvenience for you
Please go with Sally, Bob and Jane on a quick adventure:

Sally the Seller  |  Bob, Sally’s Realtor  |  Jane, the Buyer’s REALTOR

Sally:  “Bob, please have whoever is showing the home call me after they are finished showing”

Bob:  “Sure!!  Let me call them”

Bob:  “Hi Jane, please text me when you are finished showing the home today, THANKS”

Jane:  “Of course!!”

Jane heads off with her happy Buyers for a tour of the town.  After touring 10 homes, they finally reach Sally’s house.  The Buyers meander through as Jane showcases all of the upgrades, split floor plan and private backyard – the Buyers LOVE it!!  Excitedly, Jane and the Buyers load up and head to the next two homes on their schedule.  They took longer in Sally’s home than expected, so they are running a little late.  Jane got busy answering questions about Sally’s home, and she forgot to text Bob.

Sally:  “BOB!!  I never heard from you!!  Why didn’t you CALL?!!”

Bob:  “I’m sorry Sally, I never heard from Jane.  Let me give her a call”

Bob:  “JANE!!  You never called me, and the Seller is REALLY upset!!  WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL?!”

Poor Jane…  Bob’s anger hurt her feelings.  Now Jane, Bob AND Sally are upset.  Do you think Jane feels good about writing an offer on Sally’s home?  Do you think Jane feels good about working with Bob?  Do you think Sally feels good about working with Jane OR Bob?  Do you think Jane will go out of her way to show Sally’s home again?  Will Jane tell her co-workers how ugly Bob was to her, and how upset Sally was?  Do you think Jane’s co-workers will want to show Sally’s home?

Whoever said buying and selling a home was fun, is a FOOL.  It is emotionally, physically and mentally draining, and I get that.  Instead of requiring that REALTORS text you upon leaving your home, here are a few ideas that may help:
  • Request at least 4 hours of notice before showings (this will give you time to pick up without having to be in a rush)
  • Let your REALTOR know that showings need to have a one hour cutoff (this gives you an exact time that it is “safe” to return home; NOTE: this works for first time showings, Buyers may need more time for a second showing)
  • Find something FUN to do for an hour!!  Take a walk in the park, splurge on pedicure, window shopping, grab a book and head to the local coffee shop, or my personal favorite – NAP

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