Spark a Bidding War

Ready to make a move? Have a certain figure in mind that you need to sell for? Depending on your market, you might be able to get a little more than what you may be needing. Go over with your agent if setting a bidding war is smart for the sale of your home, and if they give the green light, here are a few things to consider to help get your sales price over asking after starting a bidding competition.



When there isn’t much interest in a property, buyer’s get nervous and suspicious that there may be something wrong with the home that they may be missing, and that could sometimes be further from the truth. You want to price your home competitively to entice more showings. When you price your home right under the market standard, it leads to more showings, more appointments, and more excitement around your home.



You want to make sure your price gets buyers interested in your property. Even if they end up paying more than asking, the excitement from feeling like they are getting a deal and landing your home sets the right mood for buyers to WANT your property. Always price the home in a way that is going to appeal to a large audience. Pricing a home at $399,900 can generally generate more foot traffic than one listed at $400,000. Advertising a home for sale that is listed for slightly under the market value can garner a lot of interest, which can lead to the home selling for more than what the seller originally wanted.



Make sure you work with an agent that has the ability to start up a coming soon buzz around your home. You want to let the market know that your home is going to be coming soon, and start up conversation and interest. This gives time for word about your home to spread to get more foot traffic and competition on your house.



It’s without question that to get over market value for your home, it has to be in tip-top condition. Discuss with your agent the importance of having your home professionally cleaned and stage to attract more buyers. Starting up a buzz won’t lead to much if buyers walk into your home and turned off by orders, unappealing lighting, or rooms that are not properly staged. You want to allow buyers and opportunity to see your home in the best light the first time they walk through your door.



Have your agent set a deadline for offers, say a Monday or Tuesday, right after a weekend of doing open houses. This can generate a sense of urgency around your home, letting buyers think there is a large amount of interest and to get offers in quickly. Setting them up with this state of urgency generally makes them want to put their best foot forward with their first offer.


To generate a little more excitement and foot traffic, you can offer an incentive for whomever purchases the home, or set a fun giveaway during an open house. Some people have given away cars, tickets to a major event – like the Super Bowl, given away vacation tickets, etc. Doing an out-of-the-box giveaway helps to generate organic buzz around your home. Some giveaways have even landed seller’s homes in the local news. More buzz means more potential buyers, which means a potential opportunity for a bidding war to get you a better sales price.


🏡 NEW LISTING | 280 East Briar Lake, Starkville, MS 39759 🏡

🏡 280 East Briar Lake, Starkville, MS 39759 🏡

📞Office/Agent Showings: 662.498.1111 | Team Info Below 👇

💲 Price: $880,000 

Total Bedrooms: 4
Total Bathrooms: 4.50
Total SqFt.: 4764
Garage Type: Garage W/DR

MLS # 18-1488

🏡 280 East Briar Lake, Starkville, MS 39759 🏡

🏡 280 East Briar Lake, Starkville, MS 39759 🏡


Designer Estate in Wild Briar Subdivision | Outdoor Kitchen w/Over-Sized Grill, Rotisserie,

Vent Hood, Custom Cabinetry, Butcher Block Top, Dining Area & Living Area w/Fireplace |

Main Floor Features Open Foyer, Formal Living Room, Kitchen, Formal Dining Room w/Arched Entry,

Living Room, Laundry Room, Mudroom, Powder Room, Master Suite & Outdoor Living Areas | 

Bottom Floor Offers Living Area, Media Room, Bunk Beds w/Secret Passage, Cubbies, 

Three Bedrooms & Two Bathrooms | Third Floor Loft w/Guest Suite & Bathroom | 

Master Suite w/Private Sitting Room, Custom Bathroom w/Vaulted Ceiling, Walk-Through Shower &

Soaking Tub | Entertaining Kitchen w/Hop-Up Island, Bench Dining & Pantry | 

Enclosed Private Courtyard w/Brick Paver Flooring, Custom Lighting,

Sitting Area & Wood Burning Fireplace

🏡 280 East Briar Lake, Starkville, MS 39759 🏡

Arnett/Rackley w/Mississippi Magnolia @ REMAX Partners
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🏡 280 East Briar Lake, Starkville, MS 39759 🏡

PRICE REDUCED | 96 Glenn Ln, Starkville, MS 39759

96 Glenn

96 Glenn Ln, Starkville, MS 39759

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96 Glenn Ln, Starkville, MS 39759

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96 Glenn Ln, Starkville, MS 39759

It’s Because of the Price

Are you getting frustrated that your home hasn’t already sold? Has it been sitting on the market with little to no showings, while houses nearby are going under contract almost immediately? We’re here to tell you, the solution is simple: lower the price! I know, I know, you probably already heard this from your agent and thought that it was worth the price you wanted. But the truth of the matter is, the market is hot. It’s at the hottest point it has been in a long time, and if your home isn’t selling in today’s market, and your agent is working their butt off to market it, then the price is too high.

Who doesn’t want to sell what they own, and cherish, for the most they can get? And your agent wants to sell your home for top dollar as well! But if you still haven’t received an offer in such a strong seller’s market, it’s time to sit down with your agent, reevaluate your motivation to sell, and talk about a new price. Do you have goals when it comes to moving? A new house, a new state? That’s awesome! So if you want to move forward with your life, cut out the stress of slowing down your sale, and make the best decision to ensure your home can get under contract. And keep in mind, there is a highly likely chance, that by pricing lower than market value, you can anticipate a bidding frenzy that can get you even more than you anticipated. Supply and demand, it works wonders when you let your agent play the numbers to get buyers in a frenzy for your home. Drop it down to what your trusted agent recommends, and you’ll be putting your best foot forward in your market. stock photo 4

Avoid The Wrong Real Estate Agent

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In what will likely be the biggest investment you make in your life, buying a home needs the attention and assistance a professional real estate agent can provide. But not just any real estate agent, it’s important to find the “right” one. With the ease of being able to land a license, you want to make sure you’re hiring an agent who has the experience and drive to ensure you’re provided the tools and skills to walk away from a closing knowing your needs were met. Let’s jump into issues you can face if you don’t have the right agent on your team.


It’s important to find a real estate agent that sits down with you and actually listens to your needs. What type of home do you want? Where do you want to live? Does the commute to school or work have to be a certain distance? Etc. Working with an agent that doesn’t take the time to listen to your real estate needs will end up wasting your time and sending you homes to look at that don’t match your needs. Sit down with an agent that wants to get to know your needs and wants to help you achieve your goal of buying your dream house.



Choosing the wrong agent means you’ll find yourself in situations with terrible advice. Make sure you choose an agent that is able to give you the proper direction when it comes to the whole sales process. From negotiations, to repairs, you want to ensure you choose a trusted adviser that can guide you on the right path.



A great agent will negotiate for you to get an amazing deal. Now this isn’t to equate to unrealistic negotiation expectations of what the market will sell a home for – because that can mean losing your dream house. But the “wrong” agent won’t bother to negotiate on any part of the sales process. You want to find an agent that not only negotiates for you, but does it in an effective way and advises you on the best steps to take, to ensure you still get the right home.



A great agent has a set and active schedule that allows you to get in touch with them, or a member of their team, on a reasonable time frame. The “wrong” agent will be difficult to get a hold of, even not getting back to you during the sales process for days (sometimes even weeks.) To find a great agent, you want to find one that has dedicated business hours that allow you to get in touch with them at anytime during those hours, and is available to call you back if they miss your call, in a timely manner. This is incredibly important during the sales process, if something needs immediate attention, and your agent is nowhere to be found, you can lose the deal.



The “wrong” agent can be unethical, or simply not have the proper knowledge about the legalities within the industry that is standard for agents to follow through on. As a professional, in an industry with a lot of accompanying laws, it’s a great agent’s job to know how to protect you throughout the sales process. While providing the necessary contracts and guidance to ensure you’re protected by the decisions you make as well.



Buying a home is an important and big process in a person’s life. If you’re buying your first home, or you’re purchasing your dream home, you don’t want the experience to be traumatizing. A great agent will be able to navigate the bumps that come up within the sales process in an experienced and professional manner. The “wrong” agent will create a mess of the sales process, not find you the right home, and you can end up with a home you don’t actually love – or one with too many issues. Find a great agent that knows the process and can ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, giving you the time to prepare for common situations that may cause delays. Although some things can occur that neither party is aware of, having an experienced agent will help you through general hurdles that could arise through the sale.

You need the right agent to find you the right home.


Looking online for a home is part of the excitement of finding the perfect place. Unfortunately, a lot of the public data that can be found online provides outdated listing information; such as, properties that have already sold, or properties that are already pending under contract. This is where the importance of a real estate agent comes in. They can direct you to resources that provide more accurate information. Your agent will also be looking on your behalf for new homes that come on the market, so you find out about them immediately. Instead of waiting for it to show up on public resources, in which case, can be too late to get an offer in.

When it comes to finding your perfect house, be sure to take the time to sit down and write out all of features that are a must and all of the features that you would like to have, but aren’t required, and base those needs around a realistic understanding of what the market offers in your price point. Your agent can help you get a better understanding of the type of property you will be able to afford.

Avoid looking at properties far above your price point, because in a heated market, most homes are selling for over asking. Search within your budget, with an open mind that you may not get everything to fit your list perfectly, but you can find a near perfect home that you’ll still fall in love with.stock photo

26769 Main Street, West Point, MS 39773

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26769 Main Street, West Point, MS 39773

🏡 #WestPointRealEstate: Welcome to your very own dollhouse!! Charming Victorian home on historic Main Street ~ Five Bedrooms ~ Three & One-Half Bathrooms ~ Foyer ~ Formal Dining ~ Sitting Room ~ Remodeled Kitchen ~ Breakfast Room ~ Upstairs Landing Area ~ Large Utility Room ~ Screened Back Porch ~ Extra Large Front Porch with Traditional Swing

26769 Main Street, West Point, MS 39773

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